How to get started with RevidX!

RevidX is a solution for Revision and eXchange of IDX files, meant to be used for IDX ECAD-MCAD collaboration. It is designed to act as a central system for easier management, tracking and understanding of ECAD-MCAD collaboration progress of a project.


RevidX system consists of:

  1. RevidX Server - 'Always available' server side application that holds collaboration data for Desktop and Web application and manages requests.
  2. RevidX Web - Web based application available from any browser, focuses on representation and management of collaboration data.
  3. RevidX Desktop - Desktop based application available for download, acts as a silent exchange folder monitor that will keep user notified of any changes locally or on remote server.


  1. Replaces file based exchange with controlled and controllable data exchange between engineers
  2. Makes project progress more understandable for engineers
  3. Enables easier communication between engineers
  4. Implement scollaboration rules to prevent collaboration pitfalls
  5. Offers multiuser collaboration
  6. Offers advanced tools for collaboration (3D representation, collision check, custom file checks)
  7. Enables way for collaboration between distant companies or teams

How to start?

  1. Deploy RevidX Server locally or subscribe for a cloud version
  2. Register account
  3. Install RevidX Desktop application
  4. Set server URL for RevidX Desktop application
  5. Login
  6. Introduce all participants with collaboration procedure

Collaboration procedure

  1. Create project via RevidX Web
  2. Invite project Members by email in project section of RevidX Web
  3. Setup and start desktop application
  4. Select previously created project
  5. Set local directory for collaboration purposes
    1. Export collaboration file from CAD to selected folder, to be notified
    2. Or, wait to be notified for incoming collaboration file from other user
    1. Push exported file to RevidX Server
    2. Or, pull incoming file to be imported to your CAD